Love Louder: Building Authentic Relationships with Students

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In This Post: The importance of making sure our students know they are loved. Building relationships should be more than a buzzword–it should be authentic and meaningful. Why you need to find others who will help you grow. Encouragement to challenge practices and do what’s best for kids. The word love seems to be a bit taboo in education. So … Read More

Using Words to Cultivate Classroom Community

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In This Post: The value of words to build classroom community. One activity to cultivate a meaningful, positive classroom community. The importance of keeping your classroom community strong. Words are powerful. Powerful in the way they are strung together to say something, in the tone and demeanor in which they sound or look, and in the way they can make … Read More

Behavior is a Coded Message

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In This Post: Behavior is  a coded message, often asking us for help. Students ask for things in the most unloving ways. We need to dig into the real reasons for behavior issues. Authenticity is key. Be vulnerable. Check out the free resources below. When I first started teaching about 9 years ago (I had already been in the Navy … Read More

How to Build Stronger Relationships With Your Students

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How to Build Stronger Relationships With Your Students

Build strong relationships with your students. You’ve heard this before, I know. I really don’t think I need to harp on it. However, the reason we’ve heard it a million times, is the same reason we actually do need to continue to harp on it. Building relationships with your students is absolutely crucial if you want to truly reach them. Other … Read More