12 Lessons For Instructional Leaders

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TL;DR: Instructional leaders play an important role in providing a system that supports teaching and learning so that students will continue to be challenged and grow. Successful principals who are instructional leaders understand the importance of establishing a clear vision and commitment to learning goals. Administrators must create time for instructional leadership. Below you will find 12 lessons for instructional … Read More

Schools Need an Instructional Leader

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TL;DR: ¬†While building school culture is important, principals also need to be instructional leaders who analyze data and have a clear vision, goals for learning, and a commitment to these goals. There are 7 questions to ask that will guide your practice as an instructional leader. “A school without clearly defined goals can be likened to a ship without a … Read More

First-Year Assistant Principal: Pandemic Style

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TL;DR: The pandemic caused uncertainties at the beginning of the school year, but leaders must still lead by figuring out a plan to serve and keeping students at the center of our focus. Effective leadership means you communicate regularly, listen attentively, offer empathy and support, and meet people’s needs with flexibility and adaptability. Courageous, strong leadership is necessary to ease … Read More

5 Things Great Principals Do Differently

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TL;DR: Great principals have the opportunity to lead by focusing on five key areas. Build relationships with all stakeholders by being present and investing in others. Communicate regularly by using social media. Be an instructional leader who leads the direction of school growth by supporting teachers and learners as well as uses data to inform the path for continuous improvement. … Read More

Leading By Empowering Blog Series

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Leading By Empowering Series Overview Unless you have an official title, you may not consider yourself to be a leader…yet. May we challenge you to believe that as an educator, you ARE a leader. Don’t be fooled by the title of this course. This is not only for those who hold a title but also for any educator who works … Read More