Aspire Mailbag: Coaching the Coaches with Brittany Rincon

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In this 17th Aspire Mailbag episode, Jeff Gargas and I answer questions on different leadership topics provided by the listeners. Please join us for this episode as we answer questions and discuss how to coach the coaches, establish relationships with new staff members, keep staff on board through all the many changes that are occurring, and learn about one of … Read More

EP. #22: Math Mindset with Jenzaia

Brittany RinconTeacher Leader Podcast

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  In this episode, I chat with Jenzaia DiMartile – an elementary school teacher in Ontario and the host of the Math Mindset Reset podcast. We discuss ideas for developing a positive math mindset among teachers, kids, and parents. Here’s a recap of the episode: Why kids have a negative view of math How teachers can change their math mindset … Read More

Ep. 21: Four Common Struggles New Teacher Leaders Face (and Tips to Help!)

Brittany RinconTeacher Leader Podcast

  In this episode, I talk about why more teachers need to develop a leadership mindset and the common struggles new leaders face when they step into a new role. Here’s a recap of the four most common struggles: Navigating changing roles with your teammates Learning the difference between leading and managing Balancing what teachers and admin both want and need … Read More

Brittany RinconTeacher Leader Podcast

In this episode, I chat with Emily Eggers from Teaching from the Couch. She has more than 5 years of online teaching experience and a business where she helps teachers create amazing classrooms online. We talk about:   How to handle the transition to online teaching Helpful tools for online teaching Ways to stay connected with your students while teaching … Read More

3 Things I am Grateful For

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this episode is all about what I am grateful for this year. This has been a year of ups and downs to say the least. I have learned so much and changed a lot this year.  Here’s a recap of the episode: Slowing down and spending time with my family Joining the online teacher community  … Read More