The Balance

Aubrey JonesBlog, Engage Better

In this Post: Creating balance between structure and student freedom. Reflection from stepping back to facilitate and guide. The beauty of freeing yourself from constant classroom regulation! Back to School Reflection As I go back to school, I have been enjoying my reflection on the drastically different teaching experiences I am encountering. I have been thinking about what I am … Read More

Starting The Parent Connection Off Right With A Video!

Tiffany OttBlog, Video(s)

Video Highlights: Tiffany Ott shares her favorite way to make strong parent connections early in the school year – through video! Explore the reasons why people love video – and are more likely to watch it than read the same information! Discover the easiest tool out there for recording parent welcome videos. Learn what you should include in your parent … Read More

Three Ways to Create a Safe and Peaceful Learning Environment

Jeremy RinkelBlog, Engage Better, Innovate Better, Lesson Plan Better, Manage Better

In this Post : Teachers are competing against the fast-paced entertainment, gaming, videos and much more Music can be a great way to transition – try guitar music Provide options for students Sharing without judgement is essential What gets and keeps people’s attention at a rock concert? Loud music, mind-blowing guitar solos, and super stunning light shows. Upside down 360 … Read More

Raising a Puppy is Making Me a Better Teacher: 6 Takeaways for Your Classroom

Teach Better TeamBlog, Engage Better, Innovate Better, Lesson Plan Better, Manage Better

In this Post: Decide to like the dog… even when it’s challenging! Scaffold training to support their needs Celebrate Positive Steps! Learn to Spiral Provide specific and meaningful feedback Lesson 1: Decide to Like the Dog The day after school let out, we drove from Seattle to Boise to pick up our new Wesslpointer puppy, Echo. I dreamed, schemed, and … Read More

Increasing Efficiency in Leadership

Matthew JosephBlog, Lead Better, Manage Better

In this Post: A leader who practice useful efficiency techniques often finds that they are more productive. One of the easiest ways to prioritize is to make a “to-do” list. Block out time for your high priority activities first and protect that time from interruptions. If you’re having trouble getting started, you may need to do some prep work such … Read More