Expect the Unexpected

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TL;DR: Substitute teachers need access to materials and detailed plans. Every teacher should have emergency plans prepared. Administrators can best help by being visible throughout the day. On February 3, 2011, I experienced a substitute teacher’s worst nightmare. I had accepted a two-day assignment at a new-to-me school. At first, things seemed to go well. I was greeted by the … Read More


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TL;DR: Pattern recognition is a skill that can lead to discovery. Patterns help students better understand the world around them. Patterns are interdisciplinary. In the world of science education, identifying patterns is an incredibly important skill that we teach our students. Pattern identification has led to discoveries in all scientific disciplines, but the patterns that are resonating with me right … Read More

Whoa-vember: A Month to Celebrate Blog Series Overview

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Whoa-vember: A Month to Celebrate Blog Series Overview Whoa, it’s November! Despite another uniquely hectic year, it’s a month to celebrate. It’s that time of year where we often pause to reflect on what we are grateful for. This blog series shares all about gratitude from a number of different perspectives. Learn strategies to incorporate gratitude into your classroom. Recognize … Read More