I Am an Ambassador

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I Am an Ambassador Blog Series The Teach Better Team is blessed to have 50 Ambassadors! We appreciate each and every one of them for their contributions and for being a part of our family! Read stories about their application to become an ambassador and the impact that decision has made on their lives. Posts in the Series Why I … Read More

Ambassador Love

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TL;DR: Rebecca shares her journey about becoming a Teach Better Ambassador and what it means to her to belong to a family of educators who have become friends. She shares things she has learned that have changed her teaching. Ambassador Love My Teach Better journey started with my mentor, Colissa Jordan. She knew that Ambassadors would be the group for … Read More

Why I Love Being A Teach Better Ambassador

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TL;DR: Read Mark’s personal account of what inspired him to apply to be a Teach Better Ambassador. Applying and becoming an ambassador has been a game changer. The power of ambassadorship is explained: (1) feeling of belonging to a family (2) pursuit of excellence alongside colleagues leads to accountability to grow (3) inspired by fellow ambassadors to live with passion … Read More

Treasure Our Teachers Blog Series

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Treasure Our Teachers Blog Series Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Let’s treasure our teachers and show our gratitude for the educators who have shaped us! There is no better time to thank a former teacher than right now. This blog series shares letters from 5 current educators addressed to their former teachers, thanking them for the lasting impact they’ve made on … Read More