The Mindset Roller Coaster

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TL;DR: Education this year is like a roller coaster; keep your mindset grounded. Take charge of your mindset. Level your emotions. Change the narrative. At the end of each day, take time to write down three things that went well, two things that you want to improve on the next day, and one thing you will celebrate with students. The … Read More

Maintaining Your Mindset When Preparing for the Unknown

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TL;DR: It is important to maintain a positive mindset when preparing for the unknown. Preparation breeds protection, security, and safety. Just as we prepare for the threat of inclement weather, we should prepare for the possibility of sudden school closures. Create classroom routines and communicate with parents regularly to maintain an environment of reliability. Just when we thought we had … Read More

It’s All a Blur: Lessons Learned From Endings & Beginnings

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TL;DR: Reflect on the lessons learned from the endings and beginnings you experience. To prevent the blur, reflect on the beginning and identify what you learned at the end. Create concrete ways to apply those lessons. How often do you reflect on your life, instructional practice, or progress towards accomplishing goals? Do you wait until it’s time to create resolutions … Read More

Life Doesn’t Come with GPS: Will You Sink or Sail?

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TL;DR: Life doesn’t come with a built-in GPS system. Our emotions are what our bodies use to send alerts and signals to our internal world. As you continue to regulate your emotional GPS, will you choose to sink or help students sail? Use your emotional GPS to guide you in the right direction. Around this time last year, I woke … Read More