Summer as a New Teacher

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TL;DR: Summer needs to be a time of rest and an intentional reset yourself for the next school year. Summer as a new teacher can involve working at a summer camp or summer school. You can take professional development. Or you can work seasonally for a local business. Congratulations! You have (almost) made it to the end of the school … Read More

Finding Your Dream Job

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TL;DR: To find your dream job, you first must reflect on your why. Then, make sure the responsibilities and tasks that create your job description allow you to work towards your goals and motivations. Land your dream job by completing background research, visualizing your position, and follow the outlined steps for an impactful interview. In this penultimate post for our … Read More

Navigating Loss as a New Teacher

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TL;DR: Talking about loss is a difficult topic to discuss but it’s important in order to share coping strategies. When there is a loss in the community, throw out the lesson plan, provide opportunities for student choice, and be open and authentic. When dealing with personal loss, take care of yourself first and don’t pour yourself into work, lean on … Read More

Keep Learning

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TL;DR: As an educator, professional learning is an essential part of our career. Keep learning with professional development options such as engaging on social media and subscribing to blogs and podcasts. You can also keep learning with paid professional development options. Examples include becoming a member of a professional organization, attending conferences, or taking additional classes. In our last blog … Read More