Episode #151: Myron Dueck

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Over the past 22 years, Myron Dueck has worked as an educator and administrator in both Canada and New Zealand. Through his current district position, as well as working with educators around the world, Myron continues to develop grading, assessment and reporting systems which gave students a greater opportunity to show what they understand and play a significant role in … Read More

Designing Assessments According to Learning Styles

Sanam EdwardsBlog, Differentiate Better, Lesson Plan Better, Personalize Student Learning Better

TL;DR: Assessments should be conveyed in various forms appropriate for each student. Getting to know your students is imperative before beginning to design assessments. Designing Assessments According to Learning Styles We are witnessing an age of radical education where teachers are collectively raising their voices to advocate for our students’ benefit. They cry out for transformation, hungry for more autonomy … Read More

Effective Tools for End-of-Year Student Conferencing

Dana GoodierBlog, Differentiate Better, Lesson Plan Better, Manage Better

TL;DR: Make sure to purposefully include time for student conferencing in your plans. During a conference, the student is able to monitor their progress and get clarification about assignments. The teacher is able to guide the student to use individualized study strategies. They can also monitor the students’ progress and help them set attainable goals. As we go into the … Read More

Winning Streaks

Steven WeberBlog, Lead Better

TL;DR: Build winning streaks in each learner by using formative assessments, providing time for metacognition daily, and making adjustments to instruction. These “winning streaks” will provide students with the ability to succeed not only this school year, but in life. During the pandemic, most students and educators focused on what was lost.  It is human nature to face a crisis … Read More