54: Creative Voices. – High school students DJ and Noah share how creativity and freedom are helping to shape their future.

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In this episode, we chat with Alex Oris, Joe Nowak, and two awesome high school students at Cuyahoga Falls High School in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. We chat about the broadcasting program they have started at their school, how it’s helping to shape their future, and why student voice, creativity, and freedom are so important in education right now. Episode Highlights … Read More

43: From Consumers to Creators – Alex Oris talks about transforming students from consumers to creators, and where our future leaders are.

Teach Better TeamTeach Better Talk Podcast

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Alex Oris is a Technology Integration Specialist at Cuyahoga Falls City Schools in Ohio. He chats with us about using technology in schools, adjusting the way we think about our approach to PD and teaching, and how things changed when he decided to give up control and give students more ownership. Alex shares his experiences from 11 years in the … Read More