Supporting Teachers As They Navigate Remote Teaching & Learning

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TL;DR: Teachers are facing unique, challenging circumstances right now… but so are administrators! Tips to connect with and support the educators in your district, building, or on your team. Our teachers are doing the work of supporting our students in unprecedented circumstances. They are adding skills to their toolboxes in real time and balancing the needs of their own family … Read More

Fluff Ain’t Enough But it has a Time and Place

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TL;DR: Fluff ain’t enough in our classrooms, but it certainly has it’s time and place. FLUFFy ideas to take back to your schools next school year. I am the first to argue “Fluff ain’t enough” in a classroom. In a world of educators sharing inspirational stories, crafting lessons on neon paper, and swapping the cutest fonts, I wonder sometimes if … Read More

Everyone Has An Eeyore: Leadership Lessons from the 100 Acre Wood

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In This Post: Leadership lessons from a favorite childhood cartoon: Winnie the Pooh! Practical ideas to promote positivity from your “Eeyore” staff members. Everyone’s tale of leadership starts in its own unique way.  Some stories are a wild adventure. Some might take complex pathways through an enchanted land, encountering twists, turns, and challenges.  Other leadership stories are light-hearted and feel … Read More

49: Make Connections – Frank Bellomo chats with us about the power of relationships, and why you don’t need to be the smartest person in the room.

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Listen to episode 49 of the Teach Better Talk Podcast with Frank Bellomo

Elementary principal, Frank Bellomo, chats with us about being on a mission with his team to improve the lives of kids. Frank talks about the power of relationships, why you don’t need to be the smartest person in the room, and the importance of not getting caught up in the negatives. Episode Highlights 2:50 – Frank introduces himself. 4:16 – … Read More