Rae Hughart is the CXO for the Teach Better Team, Former Executive Director of the Association of Illinois Middle-Grade Schools, TEDx Speaker, Educator, and author of “Teachers Deserve It” and “Teach Better” books.
Growing up with IEP support after being diagnosed SLD in Reading, Writing, and Math, Rae has worked with other educators and districts on designing mastery learning classrooms nationwide to reach all learners.
Rae continues to facilitate rich discussions with educators around mastering personalized learning, providing targeted student-focused feedback, and the impact of incorporating purpose into student daily learning. Through building partnerships with local businesses, Rae continues to support educators in designing dynamic, impactful, effective, and connected content - showing the impact of teaching beyond the four walls of a classroom and altering a community into an authentic resource for developing leaders.
After being inducted into The Illinois State University Hall of Fame in 2017, Rae was awarded the 2018 First Place Henry Ford Teacher Innovator Award for her innovative educational impact through the Teach Further Model. In 2021, Rae Hughart presented on the TEDx stage challenging educators, students, and community members to consider progressive, data supported practices to further 21st century learners.
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Twitter: @RaeHughart
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"Rae Hughart is one of the most dynamic speakers I've ever seen! She provides so many suggestions I can take right back to my classroom. THAT is the type of PD I need!" - MS Teacher, AK


 - The Teach Better Mindset
 - Dynamic Lesson Planning
 - Mastery Learning
 - Grading & Assessment
 - Educator Empowerment

 - "Todays Best" Daily Choice
 - Personalized Student Feedback
 - Community Partnerships
 - Growth Mindset
 - Goal Setting & Reflection

Keynotes, Workshops & Sessions:

Better than Youtube

(Originally designed at a TEDx Event)

We've thrown educators to the wolves as the 2020 school year has begun. Since March, every educator has scrambled to think on their feet and develop learning opportunities for students - spending hours dissecting new technology tools and collaborating with colleagues. And yet, our classroom instruction continues to be rooted in the dark ages. Teachers are more than vessels to carry and share knowledge. Knowledge is everywhere and students can learn almost anything with a few clicks on their device! We can be Better. Teachers are naturally innovative. Teachers are professionals at fostering deep thinking. Teachers love to inspire. So let's stop putting teaching in a box filled with direct instruction instructional approaches and shift toward transforming instruction by personalizing student support with a mastery learning lens. 

Self-paced learning is the motorized engine propelling us forward through this challenging time. We may be on a rollercoaster of emotions this year, but no one can stop an intrinsically motivated learner - not even 2020. Let's leave the low-level direct instruction to Youtube clips and transform teachers from a content delivery system into a facilitator of learning for all. 

Teachers Deserve It

Based on the Teachers Deserve It Book co-authored with Adam Welcome, educators explore a high energy Keynote with a solution-focused lens on what teachers deserve. Let's control the narrative & empower our staff! It’s time to take a stand for what teachers deserve. Every day, educators across the country give students their very best. Yet all too often, the passion teachers put into their work—and the “why” that led them to it in the first place—goes unrecognized. Too many teachers feel overwhelmed, stressed out, underpaid, and unheard. That needs to change. Teachers deserve respect. Teachers deserve time. Teachers deserve better. Whether you’re an educator, an ally, or an advocate, if you’re ready to ignite change in your community, consider this your invitation to be a spark.

Your Mindset leads to Your Impact

Mindset is everything! The scars we carry with us while scaling terrifying mountains or while rolling down hills, each bump and bruise have shaped us into the educators we are today. But, how can we shift our mindset to take these bruises and make them into a purposeful tool to foster our own success? It begins with a personal growth journey and ends with a pursuit toward a never-ending professional growth journey toward excellence. #BetterYou

Participants will learn:

  • the connection between personal growth and its ability to stifle our educational growth
  • tools on a mindfulness practice of goal setting
  • how your network can transform your Impact
  • how to actively choosing to excel

The Key to Relevant Learning is your Community 

Relevancy must be at the forefront of instructional learning opportunities. With more standards being thrown at students every day than we can count, without students understanding the WHY behind their content, your content can easily go in one ear and out the other. Before addressing your targets, let's explore how the information is relevant to your student's daily lives by partnering with community members and businesses to bring your content to life! STEM, PBL, UDL - Oh My! It's more than fluff over here friends. This is learning done Better!

Participants will learn:

  • the pillars of lesson design with relevancy
  • how to build community partnerships
  • how to blend relevant learning into daily experiences 

Diving in Head First into Standards-Based Grading & Feedback

Take the plunge! You may understand Standards-Based Grading, but how do you make it manageable in the classroom? Join a session dedicated to providing tools to support SBG classroom implementation, parent communication suggestions, report card options, and developing a deeper student understanding of the process! Take off the floaties and let’s head to the deep end!

Participants will learn:

  • the fundamental four pillars of Standards-Based Grading
  • how to combat common concerns
  • what scores represent in SBG
  • manageable retake strategies
  • how Standards-Based Grading can transform the way you teach

    Dear Coaches... End the Battle. Build Collaboration.

    Tech may be ever growing, but the way in which we support teachers to utilize these new tech tools is all about personalizing our approach to be teacher specific. Explore the top 8 teacher types that exist in our schools today, laugh at the hurdles and challenges of these personality types, and focus the solutions as we support these educators into being tech nerds in no time! 

    Participants will learn:

    • explore the 8 types of educators using technology in your building
    • discuss immediate support options
    • highlight the needed follow up to ensure success

    Mastering Personalized Learning

    While everyone enjoys the idea of mastering personalized learning, it is challenging for teachers to make it a reality – until now! Personalized learning is more than just a great idea - it is transforming students learning experiences around the world. Let’s talk about the “how” behind implementation and finally reach all of our students while also making the process manageable for teachers.

    Participants will learn:

    • tools & strategies to effectively reach more students
    • how to increase student ownership & accountability
    • how to integrate current tools with purpose

    60-90 min Session: $1,500
    Keynote (all day): $5,000
    1 Day Workshop: $6,500
    2 Day Workshop: $10,000

    Rae Hughart is also able to provide insight and training on any other topics
    the Teach Better Team supports. Explore more Professional Development options HERE