Sloan Joseph is an instructional leader with over sixteen years of experience working with K4-12th grades as a Business Education teacher, Title I Facilitator, New Teacher Mentor and Administrator. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in School Administration. Sloan began her career in education with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. After seven years in Charlotte, NC, she transferred to Greenville, SC to work with the Greenville County School District.  She is currently the Instructional Technology Coach at Greer Middle School, where she facilitates culture and curriculum training for students, parents, and staff. 
When Sloan is not working, she has served as co-organizer for Edcamp Greenville and as an former Advisory Board member for the Urban League. She is currently the host of Greater is in Me, a podcast centered around her life as a wife (Mark), mother (Jeffrey), and educator. The purpose of the podcast is to inform, inspire, and influence listeners to fulfill the greatness that exist within. Greater is in Me is available on several platforms like iTunes, Google Podcast, Anchor & Spotify.
Twitter: @psloanjoseph
Instagram: @greaterisinme_

Keynotes, Workshops & Sessions

The Core Four-Strategies for Effective Teaching & Learning

Many educators are incorporating the four Cs of 21st Century skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity), but they aren’t experiencing an increase in student achievement. I will discuss how the Core Four Cs (caring, competent, consistent, candid) impact social, emotional, and academic needs of our students which will lead to greater student success. In addition, participants will reflect and discuss their current practices, identify what they are doing well, and create plans for areas of growth.

OBJECTIVES: To introduce strategies to help educators build trust and respect among their students, provide an opportunity for reflection on current practices, and discuss practical ways for improvement.

S.L.A.Y. the Day-Effectively Managing a Digital Classroom

Digital devices are intended to enhance learning.  But, sometimes devices can result in distracted students and disappointed teachers. During this session, participants will identify the elements of a successful digital learning environment (culture, curriculum, and conditions) and the steps for effective implementation. Discussions will also include room layout, behavioral interventions, and free/inexpensive ways to reward students for being responsible digital citizens.

OBJECTIVES: For participants to understand the elements of an effective digital classroom and create a plan that will increase student success and decrease teacher stress.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen-Tech Tools for Administrators

Communication and collaboration builds trust and establishes a positive school culture. Opportunities for reflection give stakeholders a platform to share ideas, express concerns, and offer suggestions.  This session will explore how online resources can be used to take your communication and collaboration to another level! Participants will learn the basic features of various technology resources and share ideas for implementation.

OBJECTIVES: Participants will explore various technology resources available for collaborating and communicating with their stakeholders.


What do you do when teachers are focused on teaching, but students are focused on talking with their peers? You start having ConverSTATIONS!  This session will allow participants to explore how small groups combined with targeted accountable talk strategies will get students talking, learning, and having fun!

OBJECTIVES: Participants will explore how to use small group work stations to engage students in academic discussions and collaborative activities.