Meghan Hosey is a middle school math teacher in Nashville and the Ambassador Program Coordinator for the Teach Better Team.  Meghan is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher and has continued to elevate her knowledge base in a variety of areas to serve the larger Teach Better Network.
Meghan carries a deep passion for building relationships, classroom management, student engagement, mastery learning practices, and grading/assessment.  Whether you catch her LIVE on social media or in-person at a Team Workshop, Meghan continues to be an advocate for students and best practice.
Twitter:  @meghanhosey
Instagram:  @meghanhosey


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”


 - The Teach Better Mindset
 - Dynamic Lesson Planning
 - Mastery Learning
 - Grading & Assessment
 - Educator Empowerment

 - "Todays Best" Daily Choice
 - Personalized Student Feedback
 - Community Partnerships
 - Growth Mindset
 - Goal Setting & Reflection

Keynotes, Workshops & Sessions:

Building your own Educational Escape Room

Do you love when students are engaged while learning and reviewing content? Let’s learn how to create escape rooms connected to your standards that will engage and excite your students.  


-How to actively involve students in their learning
-How to create an escape room that aligns to your standards
-How to increase lesson engagement
-How to teach problem solving skills

Building Life Skills in a Middle School Math Classroom

There are certain skills that are essential to success in the future.  Let’s talk about how to create a classroom economy that not only motivates and engages your students but also teaches real world financial responsibility.  


-How to build life skills using a bank account system
-How to bring real world scenarios into your classroom
-How to foster accountability with classroom jobs
-How to teach financial responsibility in a fun way

Increasing Engagement through Student Ownership

We are always looking for ways to engage our students.  The power of shifting the ownership over to students changes the level of engagement.  Students are no longer passive in their learning, they have to participate.  This allows the teacher to be aware of exactly where each student is at in their learning path.


-How to shift the ownership to the students
-How to increase student engagement
-How to increase student achievement
-Tools & strategies to effectively implement mastery learning


60-90 min Session: $1,500
Keynote (all day): $5,000
1 Day Workshop: $6,500
2 Day Workshop: $10,000

Meghan Hosey is also able to provide insight and training on any other topics
the Teach Better Team supports. Explore more Professional Development options HERE