Maurice F Martin is a sought after speaker, a counselor, a certified life coach, and an award-winning vocalist. He works with schools and businesses to take their culture and relationships to the next level. Combining inspiration with his EMBRACE Method, Maurice can help you harness the power of the today, love the moment you are in, and realize your purpose in order to live your best life
As a songwriter and producer, Maurice has had several songs licensed to VH-1, MTV, E!, and Nascar, and has worked with Grammy award winning producer Edwin “Tony” Nicholas and Grammy award winning guitarist Michael J. Calhoun. Maurice was the Music Supervisor of the award winning film #50Fathers, which won Best Film at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival. Maurice has shared the stage as a singer with several major artists including Earth Wind & Fire, Lupe Fiasco, and Incubus. 

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Keynotes, Workshops & Sessions

The Spark

The very best and brightest individuals and companies have moments when things have grown stale. People thrive during the beginning of a journey and of course we all love to reach the finish line, but sometimes, we get stuck in the middle. The Spark is a session that discusses the importance of getting out of your comfort zone in order to re-energize your journey. 


  • Learn the difference between reasons and excuse and discuss their impact on progress
  • Define the role of comfort within a growth mindset
  • The importance of small adjustments within a current system in order to keep meet unexpected needs
  • Redefine success and failure in the middle of a process/the importance of “failing forward”
  • Understand how healthy risk taking can provide a spark in a “stale” environment


People frequently feel like they have hit a wall in their lives. They have been staring so hard at their goals that their vision and perspective have become skewed and blurry. Often, we look up and realize that time has passed us by and we weren’t truly present. Embrace presents 7 points of emphasis that guide people in assessing their current progress, reconnecting with their values, and finding true balance within the daily grind of life. 


  • Learn to power that presence plays in accomplishing tasks and goals
  • Assess the role that fear may be playing in holding you back from reaching the next level of your life. 
  • Discover the importance of daily habits to recalibrate your mindset and re-establish your focus daily
  • Identify how the story that you believe about yourself may be impacting how you react to success and failure
  • Discuss the importance and elements of a marathon mindset. 


Every individual and business has to deal with obstacles, set backs, and impactful heartbreaks. Oftentimes, we see people and organizations attempt to numb the pain, sweep the pain under the rug, and just move on with business as usual. In reset, we discuss the importance of growing through difficult situations, addressing lasting effects from those situations, and how to turn today’s difficult lessons into tomorrow’s wisdom. 


  • Learn how to assess if you are growing through what you are going through
  • Discover power of finding authentic gratitude within difficult situations Address the criticality of intentionality when hitting reset
  • The importance of setting realistic expectations when entering a new season
  • Discuss the role and necessity of courage when hitting reset within a relationship, a business, or entering a new phase of life.

Price Range: 

$500 - $1,499