Kevin is about to enter his 20th year in the elementary classroom. He holds a BA in Child Study, an MA in Education, and holds an additional 90 graduate credits in the areas of math, literacy, and social studies.
Kevin began his teaching career in New York at a high-performing public school on Long Island. A few years ago, he relocated to California to consult and teach at a startup charter school.
Currently, Kevin teaches sixth grade at the Center for Early Education in West Hollywood, California. His instruction focuses on creating authentic learning experiences while engaging his students in active learning.
In addition to teaching, Kevin enjoys speaking at educational conferences and presenting his 'Lights, Cameras, TEACH' workshop which focuses on student engagement and building classroom culture. His first book, titled 'Lights, Cameras, TEACH - a screenplay for engagement, culture, and relationships', will be released in Summer 2022.
Twitter: @thekevinjbutler
Instagram: @thekevinjbutler

Keynotes, Workshops, & Sessions: 

Lights, Cameras, TEACH - Workshop

Session Type: Breakout Session (60/90/120 minute workshop includes materials for up to 50 participants) OR ½  Day Workshop (3.5 hour workshop with a 15 min break. Includes materials for up to 50 participants)  

Student engagement can look differently from classroom to classroom. In this workshop, teachers will explore ways to turn academic content into experiences. Participants will get ideas on how to transform their lessons and create authentic learning experiences. Strategies will include;
- How I got here
- There’s no one-size fit’s all
- Classroom Culture
- Student Engagement
- Tech
- Self Care 
Workshop participants will be given sample materials, handouts, participate in hands-on activities, giveaways, and view various photos and video clips. Additionally, ways to develop classroom relationships, incorporating games and projects into the curriculum, a behind the scenes look at sample lessons, and tales from Kevin’s eighteen  years in the elementary classroom will also be shared.

Objective: To motivate and inspire teachers to engage their students in active learning as well as give teachers ideas that can be implemented in their classrooms immediately.

Lights, Cameras, TEACH 

Session Type: Keynote or Breakout Session

Kevin will share tales from his 18 year career in the classroom.  The focus of this keynote will be the sharing of his philosophy on engaging students in active learning and the importance of classroom culture.  Participants will get ideas on how to transform their lessons to create authentic learning experiences for their students as well as quick activities to get students up and moving in the classroom.  

Objective: To motivate and inspire teachers to engage their students in active learning.


Keynotes/Breakouts: $500 - $1,000
90 - 120 Min Workshop:
$1,500 - $3,000 
Half - Full Day Workshop: $3,000 - $4,900