Joshua is a middle school administrator in North Texas. After graduating college with a Fine Arts degree and working in the graphic design field for a number of years, Joshua returned to school to attain his teaching certificate.  Joshua worked as an Art teacher and coached at the middle school level for 6 years. Inspired to affect change at the campus level and in education, Joshua completed his Masters in Educational Administration, and he has spent the past 7 years as a middle school administrator. In addition to being an administrator, Joshua is the creator and host of Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast. The podcast is designed to help those who are looking to build their leadership capacity by providing an opportunity to learn from the most experienced and accomplished educational leaders.
Joshua is passionate about reconciliation and believes that working together creates an environment that fosters innovation and growth, yielding both academic and social success. Utilizing restorative practices guides Joshua in building healthy relationships and community at his school.
Joshua and his wife, Leslie, became foster parents in 2011, and had the privilege of adopting three of their five children. Joshua is trained in trauma-informed practices for meeting the emotional, social and behavioral needs of children who have been through adverse childhood experiences, which Joshua also applies to his role as an administrator.
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Keynotes, Workshops & Sessions:

Keynotes, Workshops & Sessions

The Language of Behavior: The Guide to Restorative Practices

The session breaks down the impact of trauma on early brain development, neural pathways, and other physical architectures. Due to trauma, students exhibit behaviors that manifest from fight, flight, or freeze tendencies.  The session provides alternative systems to approach the behaviors with restorative practices and Trauma-informed strategies, which includes relationship agreements, morning check-ins, reflection activities, community circles, and restorative circles.
  • Identify the Impact of trauma on the brain
  • Recognize fight, flight and freeze behaviors
  • Develop a restorative mIndset and approach
  • Design and demonstrate restorative strategies
  • Construct a Trauma Informed action plan


The A.S.P.I.R.E. Model

The focus of this session will be sharing a guide for aspiring leaders to enhance their leadership capacity through goal setting, creating a system of action steps, and using the A.S.P.I.R.E. model. Through the use of stories of past failures and successes, educators will be shown ways to transform their leadership journey and actively obtain the experiences and tools needed to enhance their leadership skills.

  • Construct leadership goals

  • Understand the A.S.P.I.R.E. model

  • Design a system of action steps

  • Reflect on ways to impact a campus and/or a district


60-90 min Session: $1,500
Keynote (all day): $5,000
1 Day Workshop: $6,500
2 Day Workshop: $10,000

Joshua Stamper is also able to provide insight and training on any other topics
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