Jennifer is a teacher and coach at Enterprise Middle School.  She has been teaching for 21 years.  Her passion for education comes from growing up in an education driven family (4th generation) and wanting to help and serve others.  She is now driven to create an environment where all students are able to learn and become passionate about serving others.
In 2018, her school Enterprise Middle School known as “Wildcat Nation” was awarded the ASCD Whole Child Award for the State of Washington and the Global “Class Act Award” for creating a culture of excellence through kindness, service, and empathy.  Additionally, they were selected as a finalist in the 2019 PBIS Film Festival and took top prize in the Community, Parents, and Staff category.
Jennifer has written blogs and lesson design for CharacterStrong.  She was selected for the Washington State Reading Cadre and spent 10 years teaching graduate and undergraduate classes at Heritage University.  Additionally, she’s spoken at state and national conferences on PBIS, Student Voice, and School Culture.   
In 2018, Jennifer helped launch a blog about School Cultureand helped roll out a student-led leadership podcast called Award Winning Culture: Hosted by Wildcat Nation, which can be subscribed, listened or reviewed on iTunes Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, PodBean, and Libsyn.  
Twitter: @jennifermappel
Instagram: @awardwinningculture
Take a listen to Jennifer Appel featured on recent podcast interview:

Teach Better Talk Podcast - Episode 124

Keynotes, Workshops & Sessions

Creating an Award Winning Culture

After winning the 2018 ASCD Whole Child Award, the 2018-2019 Global Class Act Award for kindness, and being selected as a 2019 PBIS Film Festival Finalist, Wildcat Nation’s Hans Appel will share the secrets to creating an award winning culture through Character, Excellence, and Community.  In a mix of theory and practice, participants will discover the power of positive intentionality and it’s connection to school culture.

Objectives for Breakout or Keynotes:

  • Understanding the key elements of an award winning culture
  • Breaking down the core questions within Character, Excellence, and Community to intentionally infuse a positive school culture.

    Objectives for Workshops: 

    • Understanding the key elements of an award winning culture
    • Breaking down the core questions within Character, Excellence, and Community to intentionally infuse a positive school culture.
    • Applying the Award Winning Culture framework to your school through your circle of influence.
    • Creating an implementation plan to educate the whole child at all levels in your district/building (ONLY for 1 day training).

          Supporting PBIS through Servant Leadership

          Are you looking for some creative ways to infuse servant leadership into your PBIS program?  In this session you will be able to learn how to create an environment of Character, Excellence, and Community through servant leadership events.  Creating events for students that focus on Service and Character. Come and find out how to create these events to WOW students and increase the community you are creating.  You will be given practical advice for how to intentionally establish, lead, and organize these events based on easy things you are already doing at your school.


          • Participants will be given practical examples of servant leadership EVENTS
          • Participants will apply service leadership skills to existing events at their school
          • Participants will be inspired to create an environment of Character, Excellence and Community

              Student-Led Podcasting

              Learn how to develop student empowerment through a LEADERSHIP PODCAST. In this session, you will gain first hand knowledge from inception to production of the creation of an epic new platform. Jennifer Appel from an AWARD WINNING CULTURE (2018 ASCD Whole Child Award for Washington and 2018 Global Class Act Award for Kindness) will guide you through the process and forever shatter the ceiling on student voice.


              • Learn how to amplify student voice through an authentic audience.
              • Learn about the power of secondary experiential learning.
              • Learn how to infuse intentionality to create an epic platform.

                  Price Range:

                  Breakout Session: $1500
                  Keynote: $3000
                  Workshop (3 hours): $4500
                  Full Day Workshop: $5500