Jeff is the COO and co-founder of the Teach Better Team and Co-Author of "Teach Better."
Prior to Teach Better, Jeff spent most of his career in the hospitality and entertainment industries. The 5 years prior to co-founding Teach Better, he worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs, helping them with content marketing, brand management, social media, and general business operations.
Jeff conducts training on a variety of topics including: Entrepreneurship, Classroom Inc, Podcasting, and Social Media. 
Twitter: @JeffGargas
Instagram: @_JeffGargas

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Keynotes, Workshops & Sessions:

Increasing Your Impact Through Entrepreneurship

At the core of every teacher is the desire and a need to reach and impact as many students as possible. While teaching itself allows an individual to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of students throughout a career, some educators want to do more. Starting with your idea, and your passion for education at the core, you will leave this session with a clear vision of where to take your idea, and the next steps to get started.

Participants will learn:

  • The Increased Impact Teacherpreneurs Can Have on Education
  • How to Find Your Niche
  • How to Share Your Passion with Other Educators

Using Social Media to Engage Your Students and Community

Let’s explore the ways you can harness the power of social media to engage students, stakeholders, and your community. We’ll explore tools, tips, and techniques to utilize social media while staying safe. Take advantage of the many options available to engage your students, stakeholders, and community.

Participants will learn:

  • How to Effectively Engage Students using Social Media
  • How to Keep Yourself and Your Students Safe on Social Media
  • How to Engage Stakeholders using Social Media

#Do It Anyway – How to Overcome Fear, Negativity, and Criticism, and Do What’s Right For You

Most people never even attempt to follow a dream. Fear, negativity, and criticism hold us back. It’s time to overcome and pursue your passion. Let’s explore how you can break through the fear, destroy that negativity, and use criticism as fuel to #DoItAnyway and be happy.

Participants will learn:

  • How to embrace failure to grow
  • How to convert negativity and criticism into passion and creativity
  • Why what others think should not stop you from pursuing your dreams
  • How to feel the fear of failure…and do it anyway

Classroom Inc: How to Manage Your Classroom Like a Business, and Your Business Like A Classroom.

You might not know it yet, but your classroom is a business, and most businesses are just classrooms in disguise. Find out how to manage your classroom like a business and your business like a classroom.

Participants will learn:

  • The similarities between classrooms and businesses
  • Why teachers and business leaders have more in common than they think
  • Strategies for effectively working with others, managing teams (or classrooms!) and building lifelong, impactful relationships

60-90 min Session: $1,500
Keynote (all day): $5,000
1 Day Workshop: $6,500
2 Day Workshop: $10,000

Jeff Gargas is also able to provide insight and training on any other topics
the Teach Better Team supports. Explore more Professional Development options HERE