Dr. Shamaine Bertrand is an Assistant Professor of Elementary Education in the School of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University (ISU) in Normal, Illinois. She received her Ph.D. in Multilingual/Multicultural Education with a specialization in Education Policy from George Mason University. Dr. Bertrand’s research critically examines how to best prepare teachers to teach racially and socioeconomically diverse students.
Her inspiration comes from her background of living and teaching in communities labeled marginalized. It has always been her passion and moral responsibility to serve her community and help school faculty and staff create equitable environments for all students, but especially those from racially and socioeconomically diverse backgrounds.
Dr. Bertrand publishes peer-reviewed articles, conducts numerous presentations, and facilitates professional development on topics regarding creating racial equity in schools, best practices for teaching racially and socioeconomically diverse students, centering equity in curriculum, culturally responsiveness as a way to teach and lead in schools, and how to build on the intelligence and skills that students bring into the classroom.
Dr. Bertrand is a 2019 Fellow of the Institute for Teachers of Color Committed to Racial Justice at University of California, Riverside, CA, a 2020 Clinical Practice Fellow for the Association of Teacher Educators, and 2020 ISU Teaching Initiative Award Winner. She is the co-developer of a school-university partnership elementary education cohort at ISU that focuses on equity and diversity, co-host of the Black Gaze Podcast, and an education consultant.
When she is not teaching, serving others, and researching, Dr. Bertrand is enjoying family time, volunteering in her community, or traveling.
Twitter: @dr_s_bertrand

Two women (@dr_s_bertrand) & (@DrPorcher) in academia raising questions
& breaking down perceptions from a Black point of view. [ C L I C K   H E R E ]

Keynotes, Workshops, & Sessions: 

Moving past just having diverse texts on the shelves and using them in our everyday teaching


Oftentimes classrooms have a few diverse texts on the shelves for students to read, but there is not much interaction with these in regards to using them in everyday teaching. This session is designed to provide teachers with ways on how to actually use diverse texts to teach core content areas (math, literacy, science, and social studies/history).  In addition, this session will share with teachers a diverse book lists for different grade levels and ways to engage students through the use of diverse texts. 


This session will help teachers better engage students through the use of diverse texts across all core content areas (math, literacy, science, and social studies/history).

You Can’t Teach Who You Don’t Know:
Building a school community that supports equity and diversity


I believe most teachers know how to build a classroom community. However, do most teachers know how to build an equitable classroom community that is inclusive of learners from diverse backgrounds? This session helps teachers say yes to that question. In this session teachers will explore ways to get to know and connect with students that are racially, socioeconomically, linguistically diverse from them. In addition, this session shares ways to make a teachers’ classroom be a safe space where students feel heard and accepted.

Other Presentations and Support include:

  • Heart & Mind Work:
    Addressing Biases and Stereotypes in Order to be an Effective Teacher
  • Classroom Behavior Management vs Classroom Behavior Guidance
  • The New Normal:
    Addressing the impact of COVID-19 on learning and building a better way of schooling
Breakout Sessions:  $1,000 - $1,500
Keynotes :  $3,000 - $5,000
$5,000 - $7,500