Summer Conversation Series 04 – Mike at NAESP

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The PRC Summer Conversation Series keeps on rocking! One of the cool things about summer and punk rock is all the big shows and festivals. A ton of bands getting together and putting on one giant show! We decided to try and do the same thing with our Summer Conversation Series. We wanted to bring as many people on as possible to answer the question, what is one thing you would do to change education?

On this episode, Mike finds himself at the National Association of Elementary School Principals and chats up 5 elementary principals and asks them the big summer conversation series question! He chats up Gabe Hackett, Jon Flores, Liz Garden, Todd Schmidt, and Zach Korth. Give it a listen and here what each of them would do to change education!

So get your wristband on and get ready for the PRC Summer Conversation Series!

Intro/Outro music – “Dni” by Man or Astro-Man?
Transition Song – “Anesthesia” by Bad Religion

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