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Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Dr. Chad Dumas, an educational consultant, international presenter and award-winning researcher whose primary focus is collaborating to develop capacity for continuous improvement. Having been a successful teacher, principal, central office administrator, professional developer and consultant in a variety of school districts, he brings his passion, knowledge, and skills to his writing and speaking as he engages participants in meaningful and practical learning. By seamlessly weaving engaging stories with education research and offering hands-on tools with clear processes, Chad offers readers and audiences useful knowledge and skills they can implement immediately.
The results of Chad’s work speak for themselves. One district was identified as “Persistently Lowest Achieving” upon his arrival, and within a few years — by applying the principles of this book — multiple schools were recognized as National PLC Models for improving student learning. Chad has served on and led accreditation visits for Cognia around the United States and world, presented nationally and internationally, collaborated with school boards, intermediate service agencies, state departments of education, and professional associations, and trained as an agency trainer for Adaptive Schools.

Chad’s Leadership Journey
Started august of 1999, MS vocal educator, Lincoln, Nebraska
Signed up for the school improvement committee, but it wasn’t gardening.
However, environment does matter
Dick Spearman – NE principal, sent him to a training – only teacher in the room – 8 days of training around Classroom Instruction That Works
Implemented strategies like an experiment/lab
Next Learning Solutions, LLC
Son came up with the name for the company
The book came from his dissertation – What principals need to know to improve collaboration
Let’s Put the C in PLC – Book Title

Leadership Challenge/Obstacle
Being a principal is acute stress, central office is chronic stress; they will both kill you.
When you leave, they almost don’t notice – how can the work continue when the leader is gone? Build the capacity, provide opportunities for your staff to implement

Hopeful For –
Never let a good crisis go to waste. ~Eisenhower
COVID has allowed us to address inequities.
Social justice based on the needs that have recently been raised.
These kids are learning skills that we have tried to teach, but are learning on their own; relationships, resilience…

BUY THE BOOK! https://www.amazon.com/Chad-Dumas/e/B08LNYS9HY

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