Episode 53 – Debbie Tannenbaum

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Join Adam and Jeff as we speak with Debbie Tannenbaum, a School Based Technology Specialist in Fairfax County, Virginia. She is in her third year in this position and her twenty-first year in education.

Education Journey
Always wanted to be a teacher
Found technology
Master’s in Tech in 2002
2017 – principal introduced her to Twitter – started to blog, listen to podcasts, connect with people
At first was resistant, thought Twitter was for famous people
“Tannenbaum Tech”
Currently works with kids and teachers in her role as Tech Specialist
Working with Jeff Gargas from TB Team to develop her website and bring value to people
Connections with people helped her do things she wouldn’t normally have done

The Book
“Transform: Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky”
What value do you hope the book will provide to people?
Who is the book written for? (Audience)
Three parts: get your feet wet, next steps and nurturing student agency, take the transformation to the next level.
Narrative & Tech-Based writing style

Challenge or Opportunity
She was de-staffed and have to share two buildings
An open mind led to extensive learning
Made the situation positive and looked for learning opps
A catalyst for making her stronger

Take this past years lessons and making them common
Don’t make lifelong learning cost prohibitive
Don’t put learning in boxes

Road to Awesome, LLC

Debbie on Twitter



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