Episode 52 – Myong “Moo” Eiselstein – I Met a Lady Online ;-)

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Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with our friend and the Executive Director at St. Paul American School Hanoi, Moo Eiselstein!
Lives in Hanoi, Vietnam, but hails from Richmond, VA

Moo’s Leadership Journey
Education didn’t come first; military out of high school

Didn’t like school

Served as a military policeman

Account manager for a business

Substituted for an ELL class led to a new career

Teaching led to a principal role

Met a lady online which led to a happy marriage in Vietnam

Didn’t know anything about international schools

Elementary Principal at the school where he taught

Exec. Director/Head of School – school is owned by one man

For-Profit School

Most of his students come from Korea, but there are many countries represented


Challenge/Opportunity along the way
Personality not what you’d think of as a Principal

Believes in shared decision making

People also need a powerful leader and I’m not that guy

A leader takes a person from where they are to where we need them to be

So many…

Be the actors enacting change

Not just cope and fix

Contact Moo – School Website (FB Page)


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