Episode 46 – Jessica Nguyen – The Lights are Flickering

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Join Adam & Jeff for this very special episode as we chat with young entrepreneur and former student of Jeff’s (from his first principalship!)

Jessica’s bio: founder of @projectvoicepod | Author: “softly, I speak” (Louisiana Lit Press, 2020) ✏️ | social justice & philanthropy

Currently resides in Boston, MA

“Though having lived in the U.S. for most of her life, she hops from one country to the next in hopes of discovering pieces of home to fill her Asian-American soul.” – from Jessica’s website


Jessica’s Leadership Story:

Lots of Side Hustles, Lots of Passions

Round Lake – Schuler Scholarship – This provided abundant opportunities to explore her talents around the world.


Spirit of Activism/Philanthropy

Child of immigrant parents – 2nd gen Vietnamese-American


High schools lack ethnic studies.

What Can School Leaders Do:

Invite students to come on board and talk, get their perspectives;

Home visits


Project Voice Podcast:

Documenting stories of Asian Americans;

Launched in 2016

2020 – Launched a scholarship program for prospective podcasters – 3 recipients first year

Pivoted to the “Project Voice Fund” on Grapevine


Leadership Struggle:

Leadership in the organizational space.

Needs to shift thinking on running an organization.

More space for more people.

Trying to be less controlling.



All of the dialogues that are happening and the changes to come.

We need to go through the words to see the improvement.

“The lights are flickering.”


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