Episode 43 – Bobbie French – The Busy Principal

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Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with educational leader, blogger, and FIRST-TIME PODCAST GUEST, Bobbie French!

Bobbie is an Educational Leader who has been inspired by others to share with you celebrations, challenges, and thoughts along her journey.

Bobbie’s Leadership Journey:

Started as an elementary counselor

Taught 2nd & 3rd grade

Recruited to be a principal

Private – Catholic – school principal for 5 years

Current Education Coordinator in Massachusetts

Past Elementary Principal and Special Education Coordinator

Set a schedule for shared locations.

Daily morning email

Be clear in your communication

What to do when opportunities arise

“The Connected Educator”


Just Start advice: Podcast – “The Busy Principal”

Too many people don’t “just start”

The Ripple Effect has been amazing


Leadership Challenge:

You’re Not Perfect.

Allowing yourself grace to make a mistake

Becoming a New Principal – wanting to help, do things “for the better,” but haven’t developed trust yet.

Listen more, talk less

Taking feedback from staff

Figuring out “the long game”

In it for “The Infinite Game” – Simon Sinek


What are you HOPEFUL for?

One Word – BELIEVE

What can we do to recreate education?

When you know better, you do better

What schools are going to create Virtual Academies? – If they are not thinking about it, they should be




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