Episode 34 – Lindsay Titus – Do the Inner Work First

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Join Adam & Jeff as we have a very special conversation with Lindsay Titus!

Lindsay is a K-12 behavior specialist, Ambassador w/ Teach Better Team, Educational Coach & Presenter, and Podcast host

Learn more about Lindsay:  A passionate, influential educator specializing in the field of behavior analysis. She is driven every single day to teach other educators how to redefine what success looks like for the more challenging students we work with every day. Her ultimate goal as a behavior specialist is to inspire other educators to recognize that all students have a story to share.

Lindsay has worked as a classroom teacher and behavior specialist in public school, residential, and private settings, and shares her passion for her profession through her own experiences to help guide, motivate, and encourage other educators to use their own personal stories to create connections and relationships with others.

Story behind “DEFINE YOUNIVERSITY” Podcast & Coaching Side

15 years ago, started as a classroom teacher
Always saw herself as a classroom teacher
All of a sudden, didn’t like it!
Burned out, left in May one year
Started work as a behavior consultant
3rd year back as K-12 behavior specialist
Working on admin degree
Fell into the trap of, “when I find the right job”


  • Unpack what’s holding you back
  • Do the inner work first
  • Living into your purpose and your passion
  • Don’t quit after tough days; quit after good days
  • Don’t leave because of a challenge
  • Be open to those moments
  • If you have a goal… Change your language and make it happen – NAME it, SAY it. Then make it happen.
  • Balancing district work & Define YOUniversity
  • Blend, NOT Balance
  • Balancing implies EQUAL and EVEN, and if doesn’t balance you feel terrible
  • Wake up with GRATITUDE every morning
  • Two hearts on weekend days (on her calendar) –
  • “those days are for me”
  • I redefine time…time is abundant…
  • The podcast started with a goal of making it a year.
  • Work with the Teach Better Team – Ambassador; Teach Better Podcast Network;

Leadership struggle

  • I had a fixed mindset, not confident, I’m not a leader…
  • Expanding comes from listening and learning.
  • Feel better – do better
  • Hopeful
  • Hope is not a strategy
  • Hearing Other People’s Experience – learn from them, make a change
  • Shining a light as a behavior specialist


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