Episode 33 – Mark French – Share your Passions

Adam DeWittPrincipal Leadership Lab Podcast

Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with former Principal of Gatewood Elem. in Hopkins School District, MN – Mark French!

Mark is also an author, having written the book, “Principals in Action” w/ Jay Posick & Ryan Sheehy.

What’s your leadership story?

  • Started in Houston, TX
  • First taught in 1984
  • Tells principals or teachers now – contact a former principal or teacher to tell them how much they mean to you
  • 38.5 years in education
  • Transition to Retirement
  • I’m sure you aren’t retiring,  – will you be repurposing?  What will you do first?
  • Will be moving to Vancouver, Washington


  • What advice do you have for principals that are within 10yrs of retirement?  How do you plan and prepare for retirement?
  • “Principals in Action” story
  • Started with Adam Welcome, setting out challenges to principals to “Get Out of the Office”
  • Principals in Action Voxer group is ongoing
  • #piachat on Twitter; Tuesday nights

Leadership struggle

  • We have to be able to share our vulnerabilities.
  • Received all UNSAT is an evaluation
  • Others have shared similar struggles
  • Willing to remove blind spots
  • Reach out to others

Advice for New Principals

  • Find things that will bring you joy and hopeful
  • Share those passions!
  • Don’t let this be an isolating position – find people
  • Don’t compare yourself with others


  • “I am hopeful because of what teachers are doing now”
  • Passion & Empathy & Compassion I am seeing from everyone in the field right now, and that they will carry




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