Episode 32 – Jim Lynch – Wisconsin Principals’ Head Cheese

Adam DeWittPrincipal Leadership Lab Podcast

Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Jim Lynch! Jim has continued to grow the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators through dedication and a focus on serving others.  His leadership has provided building-level administration a voice at the state level.  He will also be the first to tell you that it isn’t a solo act, but one of a dedicated group of people that serve within the walls of AWSA.  Jim’s effort may be focused on supporting principals, but his ultimate goal is to grow WI’s students through AWSA’s partnership.
Jim’s Leadership Journey:
27 years w/ Organization; entire career; public policy degree; 13th year as ED; never taught or been principal. 
Why choose AWSA, this path?
Always interested in public service; wanted to be closer to the action; life plans never lead where you think they will take you; 
What is AWSA and why is it important?
Important aspects of life begin with education.
What are the top three services that AWSA provides?
Capacity Building
Looking at the profession; complexity of the job; is the job becoming too complex?; digging into that complexity and figuring out what supports we can put in place; Advocating 
Has your approach to service-providing changed during the Pandemic?
Coaching – no additional cost
Additional services
How does Wisco compare to other states?
We will rise to the challenge.
Leadership Challenge/Opportunity:
Coming up with Creative ideas to support principals and leaders
“Mastering Education Leadership” – cohorts of leaders 
The country will come out of this challenge with different perspectives, but our country has a history of coming together. Let’s just make this country better, and be the light of the world.
Website:  AWSA.org


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