Episode 16 – Jay Billy

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Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with father, elementary school principal and DBC author of Lead With Culture, Jay Billy!

Jay is an elementary principal in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  He received his master’s degree in educational leadership from The College of New Jersey in 1997. He first served as supervisor of behavior at the high school before moving to the principal of the Joseph Cappello School in 2000.

Other Takeaways from our chat with Jay:

Former Wrestling coach

Heart for Special needs kids

Went from High school to elementary in his professional career

Leading with Culture Podcast


Author – Book:  Lead with Culture

Story behind the book
Why Culture?

“Just say what you think.”

Get out in front – lead with transparency

Be open and honest – Culture

“Culture is something you build or break every 30 seconds”

“Trust is the oxygen”

Power of Social Media

“Best when I’m knee-deep with kids”

COVID – how to find ways to make kids still feel the love

Connect with Jay:  https://twitter.com/JayBilly2


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