GotTechED the Podcast was created in 2018 by Nick Johnson and Eric Guise with one, singular goal: to provide quality, tech-centric professional development (PD) to busy teachers on the move. As educators who have always been passionate about PD, Nick and Guise have attended and created hundreds of hours of professional learning experiences for teachers, but there has always been one problem ... time! Attending full-day workshops and conferences is difficult and stressful due to missed class time and added prep. With GotTechED, Nick and Guise hope to provide busy teachers a way to access educational PD at their convenience.


20 Engaging End of Year Project Ideas
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episode 106
In this episode, in honor of the 2022 winter Olympics, we discuss 15 edtech tools in 5 Olympic themed categories as they compete for gold.
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10 EdTech Swiss Army Knife Tools
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