The Aspire podcast provides those who are looking to build their leadership capacity an opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and accomplished educational leaders. As we grow in our leadership skills, it’s imperative we learn from other leader’s stories of successes, trials and misconceptions. Join me each week as we ascend to new heights together!
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Aspire Mailbag, Joshua Stamper, Jeff Gargas, Aspire to Lead, Teach Better
Aspire to Lead, David Frangiosa, Joshua Stamper, Going Gradeless
Aspire to Lead, Katie Miglin, Joshua Stamper, Teach Better, Interdisciplinary Learning
Aspire to Lead, Dr. Marcus Belin, Unapologetic Leadership, Joshua Stamper
Aspire to Lead, Elijah Carbajal, Joshua Stamper, Teach Better
Aspire to Lead. Starr Sackstein, Joshua Stamper, Hacking Assessment
Aspire to Lead, Joshua Stamper, Dwight Carter, Be Great
Aspire to Lead, PJ Caposey, Joshua Stamper, Time Management
Joshua Stamper, Sarah Johnson, Aspire to Lead, Teach Better
Aspire to Lead. Erik Francis, Joshua Stamper, Depth of Knowledge
Aspire to Lead, Tom Schimmer, Joshua Stamper, Assessment
Aspire to Lead, Dr. Michael Nagler, Joshua Stamper, The Design Thinking, Entrepreneurial, Visionary Planning Leader
Aspire to Lead, Noah Daniel, Joshua Stamper, Teach Better
BreAnn Fennell, Joshua Stamper, Aspire to Lead, Teach Better, Play Yay
Lainie Rowell, Joshua Stamper, Evolving with Gratitude, Aspire to Lead
Kyle Krueger, Wilkie Law, Aspire to Lead, Joshua Stamper
Joshua Stamper, Aspire to Lead, Trauma Informed, Leslie Stamper
Dr. Efrain Martinez, Joshua Stamper, Aspire to Lead, Teach Better, Wisdom and Productivity
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