10: Don’t be afraid – Roman Nowak shares how his failures have led him to where he is, and why you should not be afraid to try things.

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Episode 11 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

Roman Nowak is a High School Teacher, a Student Success Leader, and an Agent of Transformation. He shares with us why he wears all 3 title proudly. Roman talks with us about how his failures have led him to where he is today. He also explains why you need to live your emotions, go through it, give yourself new objectives, and keep going.

Roman urges us to go against the grain and don’t be afraid to try things and get things wrong, as long as it’s better for kids.

Episode Highlights

  • 2:03 – Roman introduces himself and shares the 3 titles he carries proudly
  • 3:05 – Roman’s failure
  • 5:33 – What helped Roman realize teaching is where he is supposed to be
  • 8:03 – Roman’s success
  • 11:18 – Teachers and classrooms that spoke to Roman the most while visiting
  • 12:52 – What has Roman excited about education right now
  • 15:09 – Roman’s suggestion for getting started with flexible seating
  • 20:27 – Roman’s advice for new teachers
  • 22:36 – 6 questions. 15 seconds to answer each.
  • 25:14 – How to connect with Roman

Roman’s Recommendations

  • EdTech Tool: FlipGrid
  • Book: “Code of Honor” by Alan Gratz
  • Who to Follow: Brandi Miller (@bmilla84) and Eli Casaus (@MrCoachEli)
  • YouTube/Podcast/Website/Blog: TedEd and Teachonomy
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Routine: Take the time to read, whether on social media, a book or anything. Take the time out to focus on one thing.
  • Best piece of advice you’ve ever received: Be yourself.

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