93: Practice What You Preach – Robert Breyer chats with us about setting the tone, leading by example, and practicing what you preach.

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Elementary Principal, Rob Breyer, chats with us about setting the tone, leading by example, and practicing what you preach. Rob shares why he loves classrooms that are never quiet, the reason he has the best kids in all of North Carolina, and what you need to do in order to successfully implement change.

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:55 – Discussing how Jeff torments Rae.
  • 1:50 – Resetting and remembering what our focus should be on right now.
  • 4:43 – Previewing the episode with Robert Breyer.
  • 7:57 – Rob introduces himself.
  • 11:32 – Robbie Wobbie’s failure: When he first  took over his school, fell into the trap of feeling like he always has to be at  work. Lost his balance.
  • 15:37 – The Robster’s success: Taking his school’s morale and culture to a positive. Was a D rated school. Found that there was actually a lot of celebrations. Made them feel important. Had a teacher pushing back hard against doing small group work. Rob went with her to another school to see it in action. She came back and did it, and rocked it. At the end of the year, she thanked him for pushing her.
  • 22:03 – What’s got Robertooski excited about education right now: Huge fanatic  about project-based learning, STEM, STEAM education, anything that gets kids engaged with learning and gets them excited.
  • 24:21 – Robert The Great’s advice to young teachers: Take initiatives. Find opportunities for personal growth. Ask to go see veteran teachers teach. Get involved in Twitter Chats.
  • 26:22 – 6 questions answered in 15  seconds or less.
  • 29:50 – How to connect with Sir Robert of Educationadia.

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