45: Get Weird – Noah Geisel challenges us all to get weird and notice new things.

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Listen to episode 45 of the Teach Better Talk Podcast.

Noah Geisel is a digital badges consultant, a national speaker, and the Education Director at StackUp.net. Noah shares his journey of being a learner, sharer, traveler, and giver of high-fives.

Noah talks with us about staying humble, understanding that you sound a lot smarter when you ask questions, versus trying to show everyone how much you know, and challenging yourself to get weird and notice new things.

Episode Highlights

  • 3:38 – Noah introduces himself.
  • 5:01 – Noah talks about digital badges.
  • 6:57 – Noah’s failure.
  • 11:04 – Noah’s success.
  • 14:03 – What’s got Noah excited about education right now.
  • 18:52 – Noah’s advice to new teachers.
  • 21:40 – Noah tells us a little about StackUp.
  • 27:32 – 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.
  • 31:07 – Noah talks about Badge Summit.
  • 31:51 – How to connect with Noah.

Noah’s Recommendations

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