112: Good stress. – Mike Washburn chats with us about appreciating people, being fearless, and having “good stress.”

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Mike Washburn chats with us about appreciating people, being fearless, and having “good stress.”

Mike shares why it’s critical to have realistic expectations, the importance of learning to reflect and grow, and why we need to go after those big ideas.

'There are going to be days where you're gonna come home and just go to bed...and that's fine.' - @misterwashburn from episode 112 of #TeachBetterTalk #Podcast #TeachBetter Click To Tweet

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 – Previews of sessions at the Teach Better Conference in November.
  • 3:55 – Highlighting the importance of networking.
  • 7:56  – Previewing the episode with Mike Washburn.
  • 10:59 – Mike introduces himself.
  • 14:36 – Chatting about Mike’s podcast, OnEducation.
  • 22:18 – Mike’s failure: Staying late at school the entire year. Setting up a video project and not accounting for the need of him to be there for every piece of it.
  • 28:23 – What keeps Mike excited about education: Having conversations with people about working together. And of course, the podcast.
  • 31:54 – Mike’s advice for teachers: Have realistic expectations, and focus on always getting better.
  • 25:11 – 6 questions answered in 15 seconds or less.
  • 36:00 – Jeff wastes a whole bunch of everyone’s time…
  • 43:35 – How to connect with Mike.

Mike’s Recommendations

  • EdTech Tool: Explain Everything
  • Book: Just bought 4 python books.
  • Who to Follow on Instagram:
      1. Glen Irvin @irvspanish 
      2. Ann Kozma @annkozma723
      3. Steve Isaacs @mr_isaacs
      4. SHOUT OUT TO RAE whose insta game is top tier.
  • YouTube/Podcast/Website/Blog: Everyday Astronaut
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Routine:
    1. Daily – Watch a YouTube Video or read a wikipedia article about something outside your wheelhouse.
    2. Weekly – Make someone’s day better by telling them something they’ve done that you appreciate
    3. Monthly – Think of a big idea, something you’ve never done before, and start to make plans to make it happen. Review your progress for other big ideas. Keep pushing forward.
  • Best piece of advice you’ve ever received: Be myself. Do what I do for me, and trust that what I’m saying will resonate with people.

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