07 – Make Learning Sparkle – Kim Snodgrass shares her unique journey, and how you can make learning sparkle for you and your students.

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Episode 07 - Teach Better Talk Podcast - Kim Snodgrass

In this episode, Kim Snodgrass shares her unique journey to being a teacher, why you need to be on Twitter, and how she makes learning sparkle with her love of EduGIFs.

Kim touches on why she always looks forward to building relationships, and points us toward a ton of amazing educators we should be following.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:50 – Kim describes herself and shares her unique journey.
  • 3:51 – Kim’s shares her failure(s).
  • 5:41 – Why diving into the world of Twitter is a success for her.
  • 10:18 – It’s not just about getting on Twitter.
  • 13:59 – What’s got Kim excited about education.
  • 16:36 – Kim shares info about The Hive Summit
  • 19:32 – Hive Summit speakers you should check out: Carrie Baughcum, Dave Burgess, Michael Cohen, Tara Martin, Matt Miller, Michael Matera, Sarah Thomas, Joe Sanfelippo, Rick Wormeli.
  • 21:07 – Kim’s advice to new teachers: Do what you know is right. Find a way to bring your passion and what you believe is right, into your classroom.
  • 22:42 – Six questions in 15 seconds or less.
  • 24:09 – How to connect with Kim

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