Episode #25: Evan Robb

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Evan Robb is the Principal of Johnson-Williams Middle School in Berryville, Virginia. He has over twenty years of experience serving as a building level principal. Evan is also an accomplished author. His first book titled, The Principal’s Leadership Sourcebook: Practices, Tools, and Strategies for Building a Thriving School Community was published in 2007. His second book, The Ten- Minute Principal, was published in 2019. Evan and his mother Laura Robb collaborated to write Team Makers, which was published later in 2019. Evan partnered with Laura Robb to write A School Full of Readers, which was published in early 2020.

You can find Evan on Twitter @ERobbPrincipal or LinkedIn & FB:https://www.facebook.com/evanrobbprin… His website is: https://robbcommunications.com/. His blog is The Robb Review Blog


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