7/25/19 – Professionally Driven – Jarod Bormann (@jbormann3)

Teach Better TeamMasteryChat Questions - PAST

#Mastery Chat Questions for Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Topic: Professionally Driven
Moderator: Jarod Bormann (@jbormann3)


(8:00 ET) Intro/Welcome: Welcome to #Masterychat! Introduce yourself to the group and tell us one thing you learned about this summer that you plan to use in the new school year.

(8:05 ET) Q1. When I say the words Professional Development, what are the first words or phrases that come to mind and why? #MasteryChat

(8:10 ET) Q2 When I say the words Professionally Driven, now what words/phrases come to mind? What kind of educator qualities (teacher and/or admin) come to mind? #MasteryChat

(8:20 ET) Q3 If we go by this definition of Professionally Driven, what does this mean to you in your role in education? #MasteryChat

(8:30 ET) Q4 In order to empower adult learners to be Professionally Driven, we need these three ingredients. Which of these three are included in your district and how? Which ones are missing and why? #MasteryChat

(8:40 ET) Q5 How are we suffocating educators’ intrinsic motivation? Instead, how can we fan their flames to empower them to be Professionally Driven? #MasteryChat

(8:45 ET) Q6 Does your current in-district PD look more like Training or Learning? How? Give us examples.  #MasteryChat

(8:50 ET) Q7 Given your current role in education, how can you begin to empower those around you to be Professionally Driven? #MasteryChat

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