5/9/19 – Decision Fatigue in Education – Mandy Froehlich (@FroehlichM)

Teach Better TeamMasteryChat Questions - PAST

#Mastery Chat Questions for Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Topic: Decision Fatigue in Education- What it is and how to cope!
Moderators: Mandy Froehlich (@FroehlichM)


(8:00 ET) Intro/Welcome: Welcome to #MasteryChat! Introduce yourself to the group and  tell us one difficult decision you had to make today. #MasteryChat

(8:05 ET) Q1. At this time of the year when everyone is exhausted, what are some things you do to keep yourself moving forward? #MasteryChat

(8:10 ET) Q2 What are some things you do to keep yourself engaged at this time of the year and looking forward to next year? #MasteryChat

(8:20 ET) Q3 As the summer nears, we all need to take some time to recharge. List one big thing and one little activity you’re doing this summer to get ready for your next year’s kiddos. #MasteryChat

(8:30 ET) Q4 One topic I’ve recently learned about is called decision fatigue. It’s when we make so many decisions in a day that we begin to get tired and make decisions with the easy choice instead of what might be the right choice. Think of a time when it’s possible this happens. How might this affect us as educators? #MasteryChat

(8:40 ET) Q5 How might decision fatigue be affecting your personal life? #MasteryChat

(8:45 ET) Q6 What are some simple ways you can think of to combat decision fatigue? #MasteryChat

(8:50 ET) Q7 How can these small changes help you with becoming tired less, engaged more, and practice self-care?#MasteryChat

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