3/26/20 – Tools and Resources to Support Remote Teaching / E-Learning – Jeff Gargas (@JeffGargas)

Teach Better TeamMasteryChat Questions - PAST

#Mastery Chat Questions for Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Topic: Tools and Resources to Support Remote Teaching / E-Learning
Moderator: Jeff Gargas (@JeffGargas)


(8:00 ET) Intro/Welcome: Welcome to #masterychat. Introduce yourself and let us know where you’re from and what you teach.

(8:05 ET) Q1 With teachers everywhere trying to figure out how to best continue building relationships with their students while not in the classroom, sharing what works is invaluable. What is you “go-to” tool for communicating with your students? #MasteryChat

(8:10 ET) Q2 Families are in a unique position right now, having to play a much bigger role in their child’s education. How are you supporting your families so they can do their best for their kids? #MasteryChat

(8:20 ET) Q3Social distancing can be dangerous. Isolation can lead to anxiety, added stress, and feeling all alone in the struggle. How are you connecting with your colleagues, family, and friends? #MasteryChat

(8:30 ET) Q4 Teachers everywhere are so focused on supporting their students, which is awesome. But I worry that a lot of teachers are not paying any attention to themselves. How can we ensure we’re still practicing self-care during these times? #MasteryChat

(8:40 ET) Q5 Administrators are doing everything they can to make sure students are taken care of, with meals, devices, etc. How can we, as teachers, help support our admin teams while they also try to navigate the logistical challenges? #MasteryChat

(8:45 ET) Q6 Continuing to learn and grow ourselves is still critical. How are you staying on top of your own personal growth? #MasteryChat

(8:50 ET) Q7 Challenge Accepted? Reach out to 5 members of your #PLN and ask how you can help support them during this unique and challenging time. #MasteryChat

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