11/21/19 – Learner-Centered Innovation – Katie Martin (@katiemartinedu)

Teach Better TeamMasteryChat Questions - PAST

#Mastery Chat Questions for Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Topic: Learner-Centered Innovation
Moderator: Katie Martin (@katiemartinedu)


(8:00 ET) Intro/Welcome: Welcome to #Masterychat! Introduce yourself and share a GIF to describe how you are feeling.

(8:05 ET) Q1 If we, as educators, settle for what is instead of what could be, our students lose out. What is an aspiration you have for the learners you serve? #LCInnovation #MasteryChat

(8:10 ET) Q2In a constantly changing world, the role of the educator will continually need to evolve. Share an example of how your practice has evolved to meet the needs of learners you serve. #MasteryChat

(8:20 ET) Q3 Think about a learning experience that really impacted you. What are the characteristics of your most significant learning experiences? #MasteryChat

(8:30 ET) Q4 Innovation is not only about adding, but about subtracting. What could you stop doing? #MasteryChat

(8:40 ET) Q5 How can we break down classroom walls and make learning public? #MasteryChat

(8:45 ET) Q6How do you create the conditions that empower learners to find the right questions rather than simply providing the answers? #MasteryChat

(8:50 ET) Q7 The best plans and ideas are only as good as the impact they have. What can you do tomorrow? #MasteryChat

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