Dave has been an educator for more than two decades. Having served as a classroom teacher, building administrator, district administrator, and college professor, he has earned multiple awards including Michigan Administrator of the Year and College Educator of the Year. 
Dave often uses his experiences both as an educator and as a father of four kids to help educators from all experience levels, make practical applications of big ideas, allowing for real change to take root.
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Sharing the obstacles we shape into opportunities.‬ Focusing on the focus.‬ ‪This is Lasting Learning!‬ In this raw, uncut, unscripted podcast we explore ways to make learning last. We talk to people who have found what matters. We talk to difference makers. This isn’t a show about gimmicks and tricks. It’s a show about learning that lasts.

“A standard is only standard if it is standard.” - Dr. Dave Schmittou


 - The Teach Better Mindset
 - Dynamic Lesson Planning
 - Mastery Learning
 - Goal Setting & Reflection

 - Questioning 
 - Standards Based Grading
 - Assessment Design
 - Educator Empowerment
 - Personalized Student Feedback

Keynotes, Workshops & Sessions:

Making Assessment Work
for educators who hate data but love kids

Data has become a dirty four-letter word in many schools, because it is so frequently used to label, define, and describe what was. In this presentation we learn how to use data that matters most, the data that describes next steps, what could be, and what is needed. We learn that assessment is an art and not a science and how educators can get a better understanding of how to collect evidence of student learning to make the instructional decisions that can change destinies.


This session will not only change mindsets but also practices within schools and classrooms. From understanding that all assessments should be used formatively and summatively, to opening Pandora's Box and discussing grading, sorting, and labeling we will learn effective strategies to measure student’s strengths and opportunities for growth.

Standards-Based Grading: What, Why, How

A standard is only standard if it is standard, yet there is no standard way to address standards based grading. In this training, we will learn how to identify what is truly essential, how to measure student learning, and how to more accurately provide feedback that students, parents, and other educators will understand.


In this training, participants will leave with an understanding of how to identify the priority standards, how to better evaluate student mastery, how to plan for student growth, and how to create a process of communication that moves grades from arbitrary symbols to powerful measuring sticks.

Bold Humility: How to Encourage Risk-Taking & Innovation with students and staff

Be innovative. Be creative. Take a risk. Fail often. And remember, you are being observed, evaluated, and labeled at all times based on your ability to succeed. This is the irony facing many educators, today. In this training, we will learn ways to truly encourage risk taking and innovation, while leading from a place of transparency, vulnerability, and support.


Participants will leave this training with both a new mindset and an enhanced toolbox of practices to celebrate risks, to champion growth, to making meetings a place others want to go, and to encourage true collaboration and cooperation.


60-90 min Session: $1,500
Keynote (all day): $5,000
1 Day Workshop: $6,500
2 Day Workshop: $10,000

Dave Schmittou is also able to provide insight and training on any other topics
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