Design Cast – Episode #63 – Scott Buell – Drone Legends

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Welcome to the first episode of Season 5 of Design Cast!  I am so humbled and honored to have continued support for this project.  Something that I started as a ‘labor of love’ in 2017 has grown into a podcast that is heard in over 90 countries, has passed over 10,000 unique listens, and is nearing 70 guest interviews.  Thank you to everyone that listens, shares, comments, rates, and reviews!  I hear you!  I am so excited about where season 5 will take us!  Please reach out if you have any ideas for guests and topics.

For this episode of Design Cast I had the pleasure of speaking to Scott Buell.  Scott is the founder of Drone Legends which are Drone-themed STEM education programs preparing kids for success in the 21st century!  He believes that “Inside Every Child Lives a Legend”.  Our discussion is about using drones to teach STEM skills to upper primary-aged students.  I know that you will enjoy listening to this conversation as much as I enjoyed chatting with Scott!  All of his contact information is available in the show notes.

Now sit back, relax and experience this chat with Scott Buell!

Twitter: @Drone_Legends

Instagram: @wearedronelegends


Facebook: @wearedronelegends


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