Design Cast – Episode #57 – Evo Hannan – Design Network Alliance (DNA)

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For this episode of Design Cast I was fortunate enough to catch up with Evo Hannan.  Evo and I released an episode just over one year ago and this is a follow up to that episode.  In episode 16 Evo talks all about his work in Dubai and he challenged me to collaborate with him to build a design network for design educators and design professionals to connect.  This is what we said a year ago about that:

Episode #16 – EdTalks Live from Dubai with Evo Hannan

One year later we catch up again and talk all about the creation of the Design Network Alliance or DNA.  From that there is a Facebook Group and a Podcast Network.  More groups and projects are in the works and will be ready for listeners soon!  Check the show notes for many of the topics that we discuss and for ways to connect and interact with Evo.  I am sure that you will enjoy this episode as much as the first one!  Sit back, relax and enjoy this special chat with Evo Hannan!

Twitter @evo_hannan

Instagram – Project Decade — 7 Days Sessions

EDTalks Live from Dubai


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