The COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic has changed so much about how we live our lives, socialize, and especially how we run our schools and classrooms. When we begin the next school year, things will be different. We don’t know exactly how things will look, but we know we need to be prepared to transition back.

Whether we go back to our physical classrooms, remain fully virtual, or return to a blended model of teaching and learning, we’re here for you.

The Come Back Better package has been strategically designed to support you and your staff as you prepare for, and manage:

  • Getting back to the classroom with social distancing measures in place.
  • Continue supporting a virtual learning environment.
  • Returning to classrooms, but potentially transitioning back to remote learning.
  • Creating and running blended classrooms and schools. 
  • Supporting students as they transition back to the classroom OR remain virtual.
  • Supporting students whose socioeconomic status has changed due to COVID-19.
  • Preparing to close the learning gaps created by COVID-19 and school closures.

Topics addressed in this package include:

  • Communication with students, families, your staff, and your community.
  • Deploying grace and understanding for your students, families, staff, community, and yourself.
  • Focusing on the whole child, whole teacher, and whole community.
  • Personalized learning paths for physical, remote, or blended learning.
  • Reflection on, and repurposing of, strategies and support pieces put in place during COVID-19.

Best of all: Your customizable package can be delivered and implemented 100% virtually!


Strategic Leadership

Consultation Sessions with your leadership team to plan and strategize around your specific needs. During these sessions we will:

  • Get a snapshot of where you currently are:
    • How did the transition to remote learning go?
    • Where were your biggest struggles and pain points?
    • What are the key takeaways / learnings from this transition?
    • What can we keep in place, and what needs adapted?
  • Set goals for the school year.
    • Your goals may include filling learning gaps created by COVID-19 and school closures, continuing the use of technology to create more efficient and engaging classrooms, or establishing guidelines and rollout plans for potentially returning to remote learning. 
  • Work together to confirm the best plan for you and your staff. Customized to fit your needs.

Kickoff Keynote

Kickoff Keynote (in person or virtual) 

Kickstart Workshops
and PD Sessions

12 hours PD Sessions to Kickstart Your Year

  • Can be delivered virtually or in person, as needed.
  • Includes administration-specific workshops.

    Direct Coaching and
    Consultation for Staff and Leadership Team

    Up to 3 in person or virtual support sessions.

    • Ongoing consultation and strategic planning with leadership.
    • Coaching and ongoing support for teachers.

    Exclusive Downloads
    and Support Pieces

    Exclusive downloads strategically created to support you and your staff as you start the new year off BETTER!

    Teach Better Academy Memberships

    Full Teach Better Academy Memberships for your Entire Staff (Normally $9/month per person)

    • Includes access to the entire Teach Better Academy Course Catalog

    Discounted Copies of
    “Teach Better” or
    “Teachers Deserve It”

    Discounted copies of “Teach Better” or “Teachers Deserve It” for your entire staff. (Normally $24.95 each)


    Custom School and District Packages can also be designed to include Teach Better Speakers Network Experts. For a full list of Teach Better Network Speakers (click here)

    Explore example packages below: 


    As we return to our schools, whether physically, virtually, or blended, there are key essentials we must always keep in mind. The Come Back Better Package was created with these key essentials at the forefront.

    (1) Relationships First - dedicate serious time to checking on your students well-being
    before your content. Maslow's vs Blooms is truly imperative here. 
    (2) Find a system for managing student learning & student needs. 
    (3) Ask questions. More than ever, we need to embrace being learners!
    Lets learn from one another!

    While all packages are customizable based on school and
    district needs, packages begin at $15,000 + Travel.
    Request a quote for personalized plans.