Key Considerations for Student Progress Monitoring

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Key Considerations for Student Progress Monitoring Video Highlights: Allows students to have a role and voice in advocating for their needs and progress. Progress monitoring needs to be a living, breathing document/element of your class that allows students to share their learning. Students can share a variety of things, such as their learning, questions, comments, and feedback to other students. … Read More

Better Than YouTube – Rae Hughart TEDxNormal

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Video Highlights: Rae shares the importance of teachers in the classroom. Teachers are better than YouTube—they can foster discussion, facilitate reflection, and ensure learning is not only consumed but experienced. Teachers can ask deeper questions and follow up with personalized feedback. [scroll down to keep reading] About Rae Hughart Rae Hughart is a Middle-Level Math Educator in Illinois, the Chief … Read More

Be Innovative When It Comes To School Leadership

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Video Highlights: Dave Schmittou shares some helpful ideas and thoughts when it comes to being the leader your staff, community, and school needs. = [scroll down to keep reading] About Dave Schmittou Entering his twenty-first year in education, Dave has earned a reputation for being a disruptor of the status quo, an innovator, and a change agent. Having served as … Read More

Approaching Learning From a Positive and Proactive Approach

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Video Highlights: Katelyn Giordano discusses how to approach and implement a “gradeless” or standards-based classroom and the transformational impact it can have on your students. [scroll down to keep reading] About Katelynn Giordano Katelynn Giordano is a Middle Level Language Arts Educator in Illinois and the Director of Curriculum & Instruction for the Teach Better Team. She is a dynamic … Read More