How Districts Should Be Using Social Media

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In this Post : Social Media is a way to connect with more then just other educators, but your stakeholders too! Send out Daily/Weekly Updates Consider hosting your next Staff Development opportunity on a new platform Don’t just read morning announcements, post them for others to read too! A connected community is a supportive one We talk a lot about … Read More

Stewards of Their Journey: Promoting Student Engagement & Autonomy

Marebeth DiMareBlog, Engagement, Innovation, Lesson Planning, Self-Paced Learning, Technology

In This Post Learning targets provide the itinerary and should guarantee access for all  On any journey participants need to know  “where they are going, why they are going there, how they will get there,  and when they will arrive…students need the answers to those same four questions to take part in their educational journey! Technology is the mapping tool … Read More

Level Up Your Classroom With Gamification

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Level Up Your Classroom With Gamification

In This Post: Consider gamification to level-up your classroom. Gamification is simply adding game elements to something that is not a game.   Students love games and may be more engaged, and more likely to retain the information when gamified. Several examples of tools to gamify any unit. Ready to make your school year memorable (in a good way)?  Want to … Read More

#TeacherLife – Finding a PLN on Instagram

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In This Post: Instagram has become an incredible place for teachers to connect and grow. If you’re looking to get on Instagram, or grow your PLN, consider creating a teacher-specific account. Following the right people and the right hashtags to engage with the right people and content. Join the conversation! Share, DM people, and stay engaged! The meteoric rise of … Read More