What Education Could Be

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TL;DR: Education has evolved so much over the years, including busing, school meals, accommodations, and more. Imagine what education could be if we stopped placing limits on it. This post shares a hypothetical ideal world for education. How We Got Here The 14th Amendment required states to set up a public school system.  That was in 1868, 153 years ago … Read More

ISJ and ISNB Introduction

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 TL;DR: Science is a messy process that leads to understanding. Students need to learn and appreciate the messy process in addition to the end result. Interactive science journals (ISJ) and interactive science notebooks (ISNB) are tools that will help students understand the difference between the process and the end result. “Take chances, make mistakes, get MESSY!” – Ms. Frizzle, The … Read More

Hispanic Heritage Month

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TL;DR: Hispanic Heritage Month can be a time where we reflect on how we highlight certain communities in our learning spaces. Ask students which terms they prefer and why. Involve families as you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Analyze classroom materials to ensure they don’t project a problematic narrative or bias. Enlist the support of your teammates and leadership teams to help … Read More