One Thing Leads to Another

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TL;DR: In order for students to be college and career ready, they need to have soft skills. Like all learning, this does not happen overnight. It builds over time. Incorporate soft skills into your teaching at all levels. One Thing Leads to Another Recently, the job website CareerBuilder did a survey of employers on what they are looking for in … Read More

Science Better: Using Models

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TL;DR: Models are a great way to determine student understanding of content. Use exemplars to inspire students to do great things. Encourage students to let their passions fuel their creativity, and give them lots of loose parts to experiment with. Provide expectations, but let students determine how they rise to those expectations. Student Designed Models I am big on student … Read More

What Education Could Be

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TL;DR: Education has evolved so much over the years, including busing, school meals, accommodations, and more. Imagine what education could be if we stopped placing limits on it. This post shares a hypothetical ideal world for education. How We Got Here The 14th Amendment required states to set up a public school system.  That was in 1868, 153 years ago … Read More