Finding Rest During These Times

Susan JachymiakBlog, Manage Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: You are making a difference by simply showing up and doing your best each day. It is okay to take a break. We need to take care of ourselves before we take care of others. When your mind takes a break to decompress, creativity flows better. Prior to the pandemic, I was a person who was always on the … Read More

Reverse the Golden Rule

Suzanne DaileyBlog, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR Reverse the golden rule. Treat yourself how others would like to be treated. Self-compassion increases your levels of happiness, health, and resilience. Golden Rule: Treat Yourself How Others Like to Be Treated Think of one of your closest, dearest friends. Imagine they are in a sad season and going through something challenging. How do you talk to them? How … Read More

Reevaluate Grief With Joy

Jillian DuBoisBlog, Reflect Better, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: There are days that are going to be overwhelming and full of pain. We have a right and need to feel those days and experience grief. With time, healing begins and you experience joy in your life again.  Although our hearts may still ache, joy is much more powerful than grief. Three letters. J-O-Y. Small word. Tremendous effect. Having … Read More

The Key to Improving Our Education System: Understanding the Recipe of Learning

Shawn K. ChangBlog, Engage Better, Reflect Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: Understanding the recipe of learning will help our education system improve. Instead of focusing on professional development, personal development should be at the center for both teachers and students. Jim Rohn, entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, helped guide this understanding with his words and teachings. Adding additional variables to “fix” something rather than focusing on the existing variables won’t … Read More