5 Tips for Infusing SEL

Jennifer AppelBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better, Manage Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: Character and SEL are not an extra. They are the foundation that all other academic content rests on. Include targets for SEL in lessons. CASEL has an interactive framework wheel to use. When creating expectations for your students, you have to intentionally teach the concept of SEL and re-teach it. Include SEL in daily practice, lessons, and activities throughout … Read More

Beat Overwhelm with a Goal Setting System That Works

Sophie IsbellBlog, Lead Better, Manage Better, Reflect Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) is a goal-setting framework based on four critical components of execution: focus, leverage, engagement, and accountability. Focus and decide on only one or two goals that are most important to your success. Measure your success using a lead measure (predictive, proactive, and push you closer to your goal) rather than a lag measure … Read More

3 Steps to Overcome Feeling Burned Out

Maurice F. MartinBlog, Lead Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: Overcome feeling burned out by keeping it real, getting uncomfortable, and setting positive goals. Be an active participant in your mental and spiritual health. Spend some time to reflect. Dive deeper into the who, what, when, why, and how of your situation. Burnout requires a jump start. Consider whether you need to work on your mental, emotional, physical, or … Read More